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DETAILS: ONE PIECE CHAPTER 1048 Leaks Spoiler Reddit Release Date Time & Everything You Need To Know!

The anime industry is bulging out and people are more attracted to anime these days. In recent year’s anime industry has been a hot topic, and it is gaining limelight as people are now very much interested in the kind of stories, the graphics, and the cultures shown in the anime. The anime was basically from Japan and now it is accepted worldwide. People from writers to digital artists are all in demand as people are demanding new anime these days. One such anime is the One piece anime. This anime is considered a masterpiece and is considered one of the highest in the demand. The anime is going on since the year, 1999 and still this anime is aired. People are still interested in watching this anime, Follow our website News235.com for more latest updates!!!!!!

One Piece Chapter 1048

One Piece Chapter 1048

As it has a strong concept and storyline. The anime was first aired on the 20th of October 1999. The anime is been running for 23 years now and still is relevant to people. Recently there is a delay in the release of the new chapter of the anime. Anime seekers always thrive and wait for the release of new episodes. But due to the delay in the release of the new chapter, viewers have to wait for one long week for its new chapter to be seen. The anime is a masterpiece in itself and never disappoints the viewers when it comes to the twists and the storyline.

One Piece Chapter 1048 Spoiler Reddit Leaks

There are thousands of episodes in the anime and still, people are keen on finding out more about it. Through this, we can depict how this anime is loved by the fans and is amazing to watch. Currently, the anime has 1047 chapters and the newest episode was set to release this week, on the 1st of May. But it will now release next weekend on the 8th of May. The reason according to some sources is that there are Golden week celebrations going on in Japan and due to this there is a delay in release.

One Piece Chapter 1048 Release Date & Time

For those who don’t know about Golden week, in Japan, there will be festivals going on starting from the 29th of April to the 6th of May. And during this one whole week, there will be holidays for all the civilians. And so the employees have the same too, therefore there will be a delay in the release of the chapter 1048 and it will be available the next week i.e, on the 8th of may, 8:30 pm Est. There will be a climax of the fight going on between, Luffy and kaido and the next move is unpredictable.


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