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DETAILS: Who Is Chia Min Yong? Family Of A Missing Girl From Setapak Receives A Call From Kidnapper, What Happened!

As per the recent reports, a piece of very shocking news is coming up and this news and this case belong to chia min Yong. Des particular girl was being kidnaped and now his family is in great trauma they wanted the culprit to be arrested mean by this family is getting a call for a huge amount of money. This is a very serious matter and police are investigating the whole matter they wanted the girl child to become home safely. Is now aware of this particular case and they are showing their concern to the family and child but no one knew sad she gets kidnapped and now they are asking for the money in return. Follow our website News235.com for more latest updates!!!

Who Is Chia Min Yong?

Who Is Chia Min Yong?

The girl’s parents are very much concerned about their little child and right now they are forced to pay 30k RM. This is a very unexpected and a piece of sad news and everyone knows how much correct it takes to be strong in front of everyone losing a child is a great trauma and still, the family doesn’t have any proof about their child that even she is alive or not on the person from the other side is trying to take their advantage by asking for a huge amount of money in return of their girl child.

Is Chia Min Yong Dead Or Alive?

According to the reports, the poster sickness and then the police started investigating the places and the location the girl used to go and the people who lives nearby but they seem to fail in the task because they have not gained any information about this incident talking about the girl who got kidnapped she was a very sweet and fun-loving girl and she was very talented she used to keep quiet all the time and don’t talk much. All belong to Singapore or China but no one knows about the facts.

Chia Min Yong – Wikipedia, Biography, Age & Family

This case has been a very horrible case for everyone where ever the police try to investigate and they have look that the girl was kidnaped by a gold triangle and now the kidnappers are asking for the morning in writing but the parents of this girl want the proof that the child is still alive however it is seen that sister in law is choosing the option not to give them any money because they never know that even if their girl child is alive or not. According to her, the kidnapper is just faking to get a huge amount from the girl’s parents.

Chia Min Yong – Instagram & Boyfriend Name

Recent updates about this case are not showing any progress Bird all the people want that the particular girl returns home safely there as we are seeing that the kidnapping cases are increasing day by day and children are not safe and parents are very concerned after this incident happened. The family is devastated and helpless in this current situation and they’re also concerned that they would be able to pay the whole amount to the kidnappers. They want is a safe return of their girl child state you know with us for more recent updates about this case


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