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EXPLAINED: What Was Timothy Lodzinski Cause Of Death, Mom Michelle Lodzinski To Appear On NBC’s Dateline!

Timothy Lodzinski, a 5-year-old boy was killed and left to rot. The bones of the deceased were found after 11 months of search. The culprit of this case was never known, but in recent events, a culprit is been convicted, it’s his own mother Michelle Lodzinski. The case was closed due to lack of evidence and was considered a cold case. The murder was committed in the year 1991. But recently, due to the advancements in technology, the case is yet again opened and the prime suspect of the murderer is considered to be his mom. Follow our website News235.com for more latest updates!!!!!!

Timothy Lodzinski Death Reason

Timothy Lodzinski Death Reason

The case happened 30 years ago but the trial of it is still going on. Michelle who is the mother of the deceased Timothy has been taken into charge and the inspection was held. It came out that Michelle was a teenager when Timothy was born and she was all alone to take care of him. She was dating a man named George Wiltsey, both of them got married and soon after marriage, her husband became abusive. She was alone to raise the child as her husband wasn’t giving any money to support her or the child. The child went missing from the carnival that was held in the neighboring township place, Sayreville.

Who Is Timothy Lodzinski Father & Mother

Michelle and his son used to live in south Ambot, New Jersey. She reported that his son went to the carnival and has not returned yet. The investigation didn’t get to any conclusion, but recently an evidence changed the whole story of the murder. Based on the evidence and tests based on the evidence Timothy’s mom, Michelle was convicted. She was released from jail after the court’s approval. Her attorney, MR. Gerald Krovatin awaited her arrival. He addressed the media and said that Michelle will not be answering any questions from the media,

Though she can listen to what they might say. He also stated that she wanted to move to Florida, as she has her two children there, this took place at the Yes, it’s true that she has children, her attorney himself stated. It came out that she remarried after the death of Timothy and had children with her later husband. She might have moved to Florida as she had her children there. The allegations that were against Michelle were not believed by others, as she always was the woman who was a single mom and took care of her child, all by herself. Due to the lack of evidence and as the body of Timothy was rotting there wasn’t any evidence left.


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