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FOOTAGE: LEONDALE HIGH SCHOOL WEED Video Viral On Social Media, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Reddit!

American High School crimes and shootouts are increasing day by day and it is a matter of a high alert for all of us as a police Security must be enhanced now. Another concerning video and news are circulating on the Internet about the Leondale High School. Where some of the students were caught with weed. Possession of illegal drugs and substance abuse as well. Parents are really concerned for the safety of the children and the environment they are getting into in the High School. The morality system of the school is put in the custard and anyone can do anything they want. Follow our website News235.com for more latest updates!!!!!!

Leondale High School Weed Video

Leondale High School Weed Video

It is creating a lot of controversies and online users are heavily criticizing this whole incident we will be discussing this whole story in this article to keep waiting. In the alleged link to a video, we can see that a very large group of students can be seen doing crack and pot in the school in the daylight, and finally, they are caught by their school management. The students were seen wearing green-colored School uniforms and some politicians also commented on this video and criticize the government. The education minister is being pressurised for his resignation and everybody is really curious to know what is going to happen next.

Leondale High School Weed Video Viral On Twitter

The incident took place on Saturday 22nd April in the high school where at least 35 students and Scholars were caught live on the camera. They were filmed by other students in the daylight and all of them were smoking, later it was confirmed by the school authorities that all of them were suspended from the high school and disciplinary action will be taken against them on Monday. They were not ashamed of their actions and all of them were laughing and enjoying their marijuana.

Teenagers think that they are right and no one can teach them anything and they are doing everything right. They don’t want to listen to anybody Especially to the advice of their parents and teachers that’s why they are going on a very bad and horrible part. They should be given the writer guidance because they are the future of a country and they are going to become the responsible citizens of the nation


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