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How Did JESUS MARINAS Die? Cause Of Death, Spanish Journalist Dead At 79, Wife Children’s, Funeral & Obituary!

As per the recent reports are very shocking news is coming up where a very well known journalist whose name is Jesus Marinas has passed away it is a moment of sadness for all the members and his loved one he was suffering from bladder cancer and he was being hospitalized in the hospital for more than a month he survived and found a battle but unfortunately, he couldn’t make it. He was suffering from bladder cancer for more than a year he is very famous on the TV screens and is also known for the journalism in emblems of pink. Stay tuned with us for more updates and follow for more, Follow our website News235.com for more latest updates!!!!!!

Jesus Mariñas Periodista Death Reason

Jesus Mariñas Periodista Death Reason

All the members of the television and the press companions or giving him tribute and they are very sad after hearing this news. Talking about his age so he was 79 years old and he took his last breath in the hospital on May 10, 2022, he was admitted and taken to the Raymon y Cajal hospital which is situated in Madrid and he was having complications and facing issues since March. He was going through a very hard time.

He was a great journalist and everyone used to praise and respect him he also uses to host the TV shows and also work as a contributor he used to come on the radio station and then one day he announce a piece of very shocking news that he is suffering from bladder cancer he was a very confident person and he has a faith in him that he will surely fight of battle with this disease. He told all the present members that he will fight a battle through this and he will be back.

Jesus Mariñas Periodista: Wikipedia & Biography

After his death, everyone started sending condolence to his family and everyone’s heart is broken right now he was a very great friend and you too love traveling he was very generous and a humble and a kind person. One of his friends also on Twitter said that he met him in a public mirror he met him last time in a car at Subway when they were coming back from our RTVE and they were very happy and were listening to the Octopus in a garage.

Cancer has Tok away many people’s lives and it is like a warning disease where a blood clot is formed in the urine there is pain and station during the urination and it is very refilling and your lower back also hurts very badly. The cause of bladder cancer can be smoking and it is a very big factor that increase is the risk of the bladder cancer because it contains tobacco which causes Cancer if you are a frequent smoker and you have been smoking for many years then it will go into the bloodstream and filtered by the kidney then into the urine.


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