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How Did Mother Sues Tiktok Die, Cause Of Death, Blackout Challenge Video Went Viral On Twitter & Reddit, Funeral!

Hello everyone and we have horrible news to tell you as recently a mother from Pennsylvania sued Tik Tok for the death of a young one. Tawanna Anderson confirmed that she lost her daughter, Nylah Anderson. We would like to express our deepest apologies and sympathies to a family and may her soul rest in peace. She was a 10-year-old child and she was immediately taken to the hospital in December last year but her life could not be saved. She died while trying a viral blackouts challenge that was a gaining a lot of heat on Tik Tok. Follow our website News235.com for more latest updates!!!!!!

Mother Sues Tiktok Death Reason

Mother Sues Tiktok Death Reason

There are many horrible challenges available on the platform and some of them are injurious to one’s health. Recently such a trend was available on the platform where some individuals were eating paint. She passed away on December 7 2021 and it was a horrible moment for her family. Now her mother has taken Tik Tok to the court and she has imposed the allegations of strict product liability and negligence. As we all know that not only such stupid challenges are available but explicit content is also available.

Mother Sues Tiktok Blackout Challenge Video

That is inappropriate for teenagers. The app’s algorithm was promoting the blackout challenges a lot and there with millions of videos and that’s why she was so influenced by the challenge and she tried to do it on her own. She used the closet Hanger and put her head between the bag and Shoulder strap and she passed away because of choking. It is not the first time that some weird challenge has taken the life of a human being a in 2021 in January a similar case happened with an Italian girl.

She performing the very same challenge. An American Boy also had the same feat and he suffocated to death. Authority will have to do something. We cannot afford more lives because of such irresponsible social media influencers who are trying to gain money and Fame through such incidents. We will be back with some more information and updates from all around the world. It is horrible news for all of us and we should take care of our loved ones and avoid such situations.


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