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In Carter, who’s Ha-Na? Why Do the CIA and North Korea Need Her?

South Korean thriller “Carter,” directed by Byung-Gil Jung, stars Joo Gained. Carter, a wierd spy with no reminiscence of his background, is the middle of the story. After turning into conscious of a deadly virus affecting Korea and the USA, Carter is compelled into motion. Carter discovers Ha-na, somewhat woman who’s the middle of the scheme involving the three nations and the virus, whereas he seems to be for an antidote and details about his previous. Right here is all the data that you must learn about Ha-na from Netflix’s “Carter” and why a number of forces are pursuing her. Spoilers comply with!

Who’s Ha-Na in Carter on Netflix?

One of many major characters in “Carter” is Ha-na. Ha-na is portrayed within the film by actress Kim Bo-Min (‘The Silent Sea’). Within the Korean Demilitarized Zone, a lethal virus unfold and left its penalties. The virus that grants the contaminated people agility and superhuman power is troublesome for the North Koreans to deal with. In some instances, the an infection may even journey to South Korea and america.

A hazardous mission is assigned to amnesiac spy Carter in return for his recollections being restored. He’s tasked with discovering Ha-na and delivering her to North Korea with out incident. Dr. Jung Byeong-ho, who works on the Sinuiju Chemical Weapons Institute, is the daddy of Ha-na. Byeong-ho is a key participant within the research of the lethal virus. So it comes as no shock that his daughter Ha-na is a key participant within the plot.

Why Do the CIA and North Korea Need Ha-Na?

Because the story goes on, viewers discover out that Carter got here up with the plan to trace down and convey Ha-na to North Korea. Carter was recognized as a South Korean agent when he and his household have been apprehended in North Korea. He was compelled to succeed in a compromise with North Korean Lieutenant Common Kim Jong Hyeok consequently. The settlement states that Carter will search for Ha-na and take her to North Korea. Ha-na, nevertheless, has been taken hostage by the CIA.

The virus was transmitted in North Korea with out a remedy, as proven within the film’s opening sequence. Ha-father, na’s Dr. Jung Byeong-ho, was capable of rid her of the sickness. Ha-na consequently produced antiviral antibodies. Merely mentioned, her blood can be utilized to develop a virus antidote. However the CIA abducts Byeong-daughter ho’s earlier than he could make the remedy from Ha-blood. na’s Subsequently, it’s clear that the CIA is after Ha-na due to her significance in creating the antidote.

Given the difficult and critical circumstances attributable to the virus within the USA, it’s attainable that the CIA will attempt to use Ha-na as leverage to get Byeong-ho to defect to their aspect. In consequence, the antidote will probably be made straight accessible to the USA. Byeong-ho is imprisoned throughout the facility by North Korea, which is equally harsh in its search of the remedy. Consequently, Ha-na can be desired by North Korea because of the antibodies in her blood. Ha-na is in the end our greatest likelihood at making a remedy for the lethal virus. In consequence, she is being wanted each the CIA and the North Korean intelligence company within the film.

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