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Real Fantasy Prime Flix Web Series All Episodes Streaming Now, Star Cast Release Date Story Plot & More!

As per the recent reports, a very new upcoming series is coming on the platform Prime flix and the name of the series is a Real fantasy which is going to be released on 7th May 2022 talking about the series so it is being directed by Ashish Deo. Talking about the story of this web series real fantasy so there is a woman whose name is Anjali and unfortunately, her husband died so after the death of his husband her wife become mentally ill. And she used to believe that he is standing in front of him. Stay tuned with us to know more about this web series and follow us for more updates. In this web series, it is being shown that the woman whose husband is no more in this world started believing the fantasy and she used to think that his husband Shekhar is still alive she used to miss him so bad that she started imaging and making him alive in real life too. Follow our website News235.com for more latest updates!!!!!!

Real Fantasy Prime Flix Episodes

Real Fantasy Prime Flix Episodes

The cast of this web series is Nidhi Madhavan and Sheezan Hasan. Everyone is getting excited and curious to know and to watch this series the real fantasy. However, the genre of this web series is erotic and drama and the release date is 7th May 2022 it will be going live on the Prime flex app which is an ott platform. It will be telecasted in the Hindi language. If you haven’t downloaded the prime flex app so you can simply download it from the Play Store and then you take a subscription to this app and enjoy watching any series.

Real Fantasy Prime Flix – Release Date & Trailer

Talking about the Prime flakes video app so it is live streaming and people can watch it on their TV and on their smartphone and is able to provide the users with accessible streamlined content. This app has a wide range of movies and shows and you can watch them without any interruption. However, talking about this series is based on a fantasy theme it gives an outlet for the creative part and the brain without strain too far from real life.

Real Fantasy Prime Flix – Story Plot & Star Cast

Fantasy is related to an idea that has no real basis and no connection to real life but it is usually your imagination with unrestricted reality you can think and hear the person in front of you. It is more like a protective copping and it is based on the mechanism which is basically happened with a victim it is a way of mentally or emotionally leaving a particular situation and then you and tell the whole new world of fantasies and started making scenarios.


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