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SCANDAL: Rod and Sabrina Video Twitter Leaked & Went Vial All Over, Full Scandal Link Reddit Explained!

In recent reports, we are getting this news which is high lighting and streaming on the social media platform where a man is being arrested by the police after he was led because he was streaming on stabbing a Facebook live. The police of Des particular town was being called to the location on Sherwood forest at night on Monday as we have got this information that the police reached there at 9:52 p.m. and then they started their investigation and started searching for a deceased female. 88 is investigating this whole case and the incident that did happen. Tune with us for more updates related to this incident, Follow our website News235.com for more latest updates!!!

Rod and Sabrina Video Twitter

Rod and Sabrina Video Twitter

The police are looking at an investigation and they have arrested Earl Lee Jhonson who is 35 years old and he lived in Baton Rouge. He is taken to the EBR prison and he will be staying there as he has not signed the bond and he is living there without a Bond. BRPD police found the body lying over the ground and it was seen that it was a body of a female Janice David who was approximately 34 years old it was seen inside a vehicle and the location was Sherwood forest.

Rod and Sabrina Video Leaked

The investigation is still going on and they are looking up for the further information about the investigation which will lead them to believe that David was very badly beaten and then he is being stabbed to the death the police are trying to solve this mystery case and the department is doing all the necessary things for this case this particular video God live on the Facebook and they recorded the scene where a mail is stabbing a female very badly. Johnson was being arrested by 5:30 p.m. which was April 18 and then he was arrested for making this incident and he was involved in David’s Murder.

Johnson was being charged by the police for being the first-degree murder and he is also showing the connection with the home side which is on Sherwood forest the investigation is still open on they are looking for more suspects and the reason wherever it is seen that Johnson was also involved in the theft of the car which has been arrested by theft of the motor vehicle and it has been for the flight from an officer. Is particular video is getting live on Facebook and many users are reacting to this.


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