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SCANDAL: Who Is ALEX PASOLA Video Leaked & Viral On Twitter & Reddit, Why He Is Trending!

Alex Pasola is an Instagram influencer and a married man. His wife caught him cheating on her with another man and the video is going viral on the internet. Considering what happened last Monday at the Alofoke radio show. On Tuesday, many videos of the incident went viral on the internet. Because he was not conscious of the viral video, the man said he had no idea what had happened that day. He said that he is not sure what people are saying about him and that even though he has a drinking habit he has not done anything like this posting on social media before. Follow our website News235.com for more latest updates!!!!!!

Who Is Alex Pasola?

Who Is Alex Pasola?

Cristo Rey, a young promoter who was in the video, came to the United States at the age of 22 and stated he loved his ex-partner. He said that he is ashamed on the other hand and refused to return to his lover after the incident. Alex said that if he saw me that he should have wakened me up and what was the need to see me like that, in that state. He spoke out that how he got his pants were unbuttoned. “I got out of the car to pee, then got back in and realized I hadn’t buttoned my jeans.

Alex Pasola Video

He spoke out and clarified that he was not gay and that if he was, he would not hesitate to say so. Cardi B, a well-known rapper known in the art world as Belcalis Almanzar, urged her fans to stop harassing the guy and said that he has a choice even if he is gay. Cardi B requested that the issue should not be viewed as a joke or meme as it would lay a worse and negative impact on the families and kids involved. Alex claims that he never cheated on any man. According to Alex, it’s only hearsay. Others only care about ruining his reputation.

Alex Pasola Viral Video Leaked

He is certain that he has never cheated on a man. People have given out explanations, but many are guessing that only he can explain the incident and are waiting for his Instagram live. Because he has yet not responded to the viral footage. People are seeking an explanation from him. As a result, they are waiting for his comeback. The officials and the cyber department are cleaning out the video from the internet as it is exploited. Though police have not been involved, measures are taken to the situation in control. But an explanation from Alex is not yet out.


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