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Shylah Rodden Roller Coaster Accident Video Goes Viral on Reddit & Twitter

Shylah Rodden Roller Coaster Accident video

Shylah Rodden Roller Coaster Accident Video Goes Viral on Reddit & Twitter Shylah Rodden Roller Coaster Accident: When Shylah Rodden had a roller coaster accident, the video of it became viral online, and now everyone is looking for the video of it. Find out more about the Shylah Rodden roller coaster accident here.

Shylah Rodden Western Ring Road Accident

Shylah Rodden, age 26, is currently struggling for her life after being struck by the Rebel Coaster at the Melbourne Royal Show on Sunday. Shylah was struck by the ride, which could go up to 70 km/h, in a graphic video that was released on TikTok. Before falling to the ground, she was dragged nine meters into the air. NCA NewsWire made the decision not to post the upsetting image. To find out what happened, scroll down.

Shylah Rodden Roller Coaster Accident

A roller coaster accident threatened Shylah Rodden. Shylah may have been trying to retrieve a dropped phone from beneath the track when she was struck, rising nine meters in the air before tumbling. According to her family, she had severe wounds, including numerous shattered bones and brain damage.

In 2021, she was a passenger in a car that overturned on the Western Ring Road after colliding with a truck and another vehicle. She was not buckled up at the time, and local media said that she was thrown from the car onto the road.

Roller coaster accident Melbourne Footage Goes Viral on Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube

A man by the name of Jordan claimed that while photographing his sister and his partner during the ride, he unintentionally captured an accident.

He told 7News, “I saw someone getting dragged up all of a sudden, but I was also thinking, ‘f***, my sister, my partner. However, it is obvious that she knelt down to pick up something. I’m not sure if it was a phone or something else, but she was so preoccupied with scooping it up that she barely saw the ride.

Girl Hit By Roller Coaster Had Just Recovered From Nearly-Fatal Car Crash

Shylah was engaged in a car accident in January 2021 before to the scary coaster tragedy. She hit a truck and a Car, then overturned one on the Western Ring Road. Shylah didn’t have a seatbelt on, so she threw herself out of the car and onto the pavement. Though she narrowly avoided dying, she required intense rehabilitation care to get back on her feet.

Shylah Rodden Roller Coaster Youtube

On YouTube, the Shylah Rodden roller coaster accident has received a lot of views. Shylah Rodden allegedly remains hospitalised at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a severe condition.

Shylah allegedly fell from the ride, according to her family and audience members. Before the awful hit, the videotape shows Shylah lying on the ground inside the roller coaster’s safety rail.

According to reports, after the amazing incident, Police and WorkSafe shut down the ride to look into what had transpired but reopened it on Tuesday.

As the video becomes more popular on social media, people are searching for Melbourne Show Accident Full Video on Reddit. Regarding the Melbourne Show Accident, many people have expressed their opinions. Here is a tweet from Twitter about the amazing event.

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