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SUSPECT: What Was DEBANHI ESCOBAR Cause Of Death? Missing Woman In Cistern Dead Body Found By Mexican Police!

Who was Debanhi Escobar where we are getting recent reports that a woman is missing for a few weeks and now she has been found but she is dead as per the reports she was missing on 8 April 2022 and the last time people see her was on 8 April till then she got missing and everyone was searching for her now when the investigation is going on investigator found in groundwater tank and this news has made said and song everyone? Now this news is getting viral and people wanted to know who did this. Follow our website News235.com for more latest updates!!!!!!

Debanhi Escobar Death Reason

Debanhi Escobar Death Reason

According to the investigator who is the deputy public security minister her body was lying in the water for 14 days per the investigation has been done and the girl was wearing a necklace then they found that she is Depanhi Escobar. Everyone was getting busy searching for her suddenly they ended up discovering her body in the water where the hotel staff are showing concern that they were smelling a very unusual smell from the water tank then the police came and found the body.

Who Killed Debanhi Escobar? Suspect & Killer Name

As per the CCTV footage, It is seen that she was coming out of a taxi and she was very much relaxed coming out of the taxi meanwhile the dot of the father said that her driver was very weird and he was behaving inappropriately with her and he was also touching her. Police are still investigating her death and they are also investigating the taxi driver who was with her and he was also shown in the CCTV footage.

Debanhi Escobar – Funeral Updates & Obituary

Police wanted to keep the driver’s identity secret till it doesn’t get confirmation that he has killed her but we cannot be assured that the driver is the killer or not if he is responsible he will be going to jail. The last Thursday she was missing and now suddenly her body came out lying on the pole tank. The news has shocked everyone and her family is devastated.

Who Was Debanhi Escobar? Wikipedia, Biography & Family

We have also information provided was a very different story coming up where a young lady also left the highway at night and northern Mexico and her body was decomposed and it was found in the water tank model. To weeks same happened Debanhi Escobar where she was lying under the water and we found her necklace but that particular night she got managed everyone wants to know the culprit’s name and his face deep condolence to his family and closed once may her sold rest in peace.


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