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Syed Haider Rizvi Car Accident, What Was Syed Haider Rizvi’s Cause Of Death? Famous Artist Dead, Funeral Updates & News!

Accident news is coming up there we are seeing that Syed Haider Rizvi has died in a car accident it is a very terrific accident where he passed away and after hearing his death news number of people are giving him tribute on their social media accounts he was a very famous artist who used to write poetries and his fans use to love his every poem wherever we will discuss how did he die in the accident and what happened after that. Stay tuned withThe Last of this article to know more about this incident. Follow our website News235.com for more latest updates!!!!!!

Syed Haider Rizvi Car Accident

Syed Haider Rizvi Car Accident

Syed Haider Rizvi was a very famous poet and he usually used to write his poem all his poems were based on real-life stories and everyone news to love his poems whether it’s a child or an adult. The time he used to come up with different topics and very mesmerizing poems used to write where the audience used to love his poems but now people are very sad hearing his accident news. As we told you that he died in a car accident so we will tell you about the whole incident he was driving the car Where are truck come in between his car and the truck got collided with each other

Syed Haider Rizvi’s Death Reason

You can also check out the photos of this accident which are getting viral on the social media platform according to the investigation of the source is going on on police have shut down all the highways a couple of times so that they can do their investigation. Ask for the police investigation police said that they found a lot of Broken window pieces and his bonnet was fully damaged the truck was separated so that means that accident what was very much terrific and horrible and as per the accident we can say that both the cars were in full speed where the truck got slow

Syed Haider Rizvi – Funeral Updates & Obituary

After day collided with each other and he did it and get time to stop his car in between and it got crashed. But the investigation didn’t stop here it will take some time to tell the whole story and to know about this accident whereas talking about his funeral is going to take place in his own hometown many people will join him and according to the social media site everyone is saying him attribute talking about the married life he used to keep his personal life very private so we don’t have much information about his personal life we will update


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