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VIDEO: Dumisani Ngobese UKZN Graduation Story Photo & Video Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit & Instagram!

Maneskin’s video is ruling over the internet, People have viewed the situation and have written their thoughts on the incident. What happened during the video? When was the video shot? This article will help you find out more about the video and Maneskin. Maneskin is a well-known music band, the band has ruled the music industry with their different and new type of music. It is an Italian Band that appeared on the Eurovision show last year and this year as well at the show. They are a rock band that was formed in 2016, in Rome. They are going to have a grand performance at the finals of the Eurovision. Follow our website News235.com for more latest updates!!!!!!

Dumisani Ngobese UKZN Graduation Story

Dumisani Ngobese UKZN Graduation Story

The band’s frontman has been dealing with an ankle injury and the ankle bust took place right before the band’s performance in the Eurovision. The groups have four persons namely, Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Ragin, and Ethan Torchio. They used to perform on the streets initially but later they rose to fame after appearing on the show X factor. Due to the pain in his ankle, the singer Damiano from the group was trembling and was seen hobbling while he was performing. Many viewers saw the condition of the singer and rushed to the page of the show,

Who Is Dumisani Ngobese?

Writing to get the singer off the stage as the singer looked terribly in pain. The viewers begged the organizers to get the singer off the stage. There are many fans of the group, as the group has been performing for a while now and has given out many tracks that are loved by their fans and non-fans as well. Two songs of the group have been used in many videos and are loved by many people as well. The famous two songs of the group are Beggin, and I wanna be your Slave. There are songs as well, which are loved by fans.

Dumisani Ngobese Viral Photo & Video

The singer Damiano said on a [post that he was okay, while he had a face mask on. He jokingly said that his ankle is bad, but his skin can be perfect. In another post he said, We will smash the stage tomorrow, as always, don’t worry for me, I am fine. Love you all. Some fans were concerned about the singer’s ankle and posted a bunch of Tweets. One of the users named PeacioneCG Said –he is hurt, get him off the stage. Lathy asked- what’s wrong with his leg? Is he okay? He seems to have a problem. Nick Harleigh posted, Someone gets him a pair of Crutches. Even after having bad leg pain, the singer is still ready to perform.


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