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VIDEO: Olivia Culpo Birthday Dancing Video Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit & YouTube, Making Controversy All Over!

Recently famous social media influencer and fashion model Olivia Culpo celebrated her birthday by doing the pole dance on her 838 birthday and immediately after got viral on the internet. Immediately some producers started to in her by saying that she is practicing for a future job and she really likes to do twirling on poles and football players also. She is the former Miss Universe and a very famous swimsuit model and she was dancing while traveling on a party bus on her 30th birthday,  Follow our website News235.com for more latest updates!!!!!!

Olivia Culpo Birthday Dancing Video

Olivia Culpo Birthday Dancing Video

and she was looking really stunning and gorgeous in a Silverlight aggressive and everybody was appreciating her. But as we all know that there are a lot of toxic people on social media sites and some of them are working on the latest video the post was shared on Instagram and some of her own followers are criticizing her. She currently has more than 5 million followers on Instagram she also revealed some really cute photographs with her boyfriend and her family where she was seen holding their hands.

Olivia Culpo Birthday Pole Dance Video Viral

And she also commented that she has reached a milestone that is really scaring her but she feels really grateful for everything that has happened in our life. The couple started dating about two years ago and they are looking really good. When you get famous it is obvious that the individual will be jealous of you and it’s a similar case here. She was born on the teeth of May 1992 in Rhode Island and she won the Miss Universe and the Miss United States of America in 2012 book.

and she has two older siblings and she is of Italian and Irish descent. She started doing Pageant shows at a very young age and she started growing herself for the bigger stages she visited Indonesia for three weeks in 2013 and she has crowned the winner and she was the next big thing and everyone knew that. She also contributed to the United Nations Population fund on HIV. She contributes to the charity a lot and is a philanthropist.


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