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WATCH: COURTNEY TAILOR Pics & Video Leaked, OnlyFans Model Stabbed Christian Toby Obumseli, Death Video Viral!

As per the recent report, the only fan star cognitive was stepped by her boyfriend to death. He was having a massive amount of followers on social media and killed Christian Tobechukwu Obumseli who was 27 years old in an apartment. Tailor’s real name is a cotton clinic and still, he is out and not being charged for death as per the investigators the cops are still investigating on going the process. After the footage was seen by a bombshell family they were broken and silent. Stay tuned to our website News235.com for more latest updates!!!!!

Courtney Tailor Leaked Pics & Video

Courtney Tailor Leaked Pics & Video

The family says that question Obemseli was killed and brutally Attacked by his girlfriend Courtney Tailor. The footage came out where it shows that she is accusing her boyfriend of being at a Miami bar on Friday night. Obumseli says that it’s been a week since my brother was killed by her girlfriend but there is no such action taken and I want justice for my brother. Where is clenny detained and later taken to the mental institution?


Who Is Courtney Tailor? OnlyFans Model Stabbed Her Boyfriend Christian Toby Obumseli, Death Video & Pics Leaked & Viral!

Courtney Tailor: Instagram & Age

This pair had been dating for less than 2 years and now she was accusing my brother and she is a victim of domestic violence it was a criminal conduct act where clay was defending herself but the investigation reveal the actual culprit. The obese mother is not in a situation to speak and she declined to have a comment on the post where she was destroyed to talk. Ovum Shaili’s brother wants justice for his brother and he is also out on Sunday to get the answer for studying his brother.

Christian Toby Obumseli Death Video

She cannot run out of this incident as she has no injuries to support this story she is in danger he replied. He also told about the videos about cotton my brother was completely flooded with blood and he was drinking at the hotel bar and my brother lays in more. A video has been seen which is obtained by TMC in which the tailor was wearing a skin be top with her white pants and she was loaded with blood when she was talking to the investigators. Currently, the trailer is hospitalized in a nearby hospital for the psychiatric evolution

Whereas Obama celi family has hired a lawyer for their backup and the family says that we want her to be arrested. This is a piece of heartbreaking and shocking news for everyone this situation has created a lot of purse over the internet and on every social media platform the condolences s to the Obemseli family may his soul rest in peace our greatest sympathy to his family who is suffering so much may the culprit come into existence and then justice for Obemseli will be completed.


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