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What Happened To RANJIT MALLICK? Dead Or Still Alive, Death Rumors Hoax Reason Explained!

As we all know that hundreds of false rumors and hoaxes about famous celebrities are available on the internet. And recently a very shocking story has been reported by many media houses that a famous experienced and veteran actor Ranjit Mallick has passed away. Since the news broke out his fans are are constantly concerned about his health and interrogating him on various social media platforms. For those who don’t know who is, is an iconic and legendary Bengali actor. Stay tuned to our website¬†News235.com¬†for more latest updates!!!!!!

What Happened To Ranjit Mallick?

What Happened To Ranjit Mallick?

He has been featured in more than a hundred movies and he is still with us. This stupid rumor was started to gain some attention and views on media sites. He is completely fine and there has been no announcement by the police department or any health facility that he has passed away. His family has confirmed his well-being. Recently he won the lifetime Filmfare Awards Bangla 2021. He got really emotional when you got the award on March 17th.

Is Ranjit Mallick Dead Or Alive?

He has also played significant roles in various Bollywood movies as well. Started his career in 1971 and he also worked with a spectacular artists such as Satyajit Ray. He was really happy while he was filming and he was a very spectacular actor in his Prime. He has given us multiple mesmerizing performances over the years and still, his fans want to see him in other movies as well. The audience has supported him for decades and still, they are giving motivation him to work.

Ranjit Mallick Health Update Condition & News

Has also expressed his gratitude to the film industry and his fans for their constant love. The factor will be seen in an upcoming movie but we don’t have the exact details on that. He was born on 28 April in the year 1982. He currently has a wife and multiple children. He was recently tested positive for coronavirus that’s why the rumors started circulating on the internet. But we would like to confirm that he is totally fine and is perfectly healthy. For more entertainment news stories from all around the world keeps scrolling.


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