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Who Beat Maya Tremillo? 17 Years Of Age Girl Beaten By Savannah Walker & Ahliah Vestal, CCTV Footage Viral On Twitter!

As per the recent reports a piece of very shocking news is coming up which has taken all the social media platforms this is related to a young girl who is abused by her friends and it is confirmed by the press the video has been needed on social media and it has been shared on Snapchat It is seen that there are two girls who are beating that one girl who used to be their best friend and another female is recording the whole incident on her phone. This particular video is getting viral on social media platforms and people react to time and comment on this video. Follow our website News235.com for more latest updates!!!!!!

Who Is Maya Tremillo?

Who Is Maya Tremillo?

People are wondering why the two girls are beating their best friend and people are looking forward to the reason. The name of the girl was Maya Trimillo who got beaten by her best friends. She was beaten badly by her best friend and talked about her age so she was 17 years old this particular incident was on April 18 which occurred at Clifton Park. The other two girl who were beating that girl were Sawana Walker and another one was Ahliah Vestal. Talking about the two girls eat so they both were 17 years old and they are salted their best friend who has got many injuries over her body,

Maya Tremillo – Health Update & Condition

And her face has many rounds the police are currently investigating the whole incident and this is instated that the two girls were assaulted by the best friend and now they are going to charge them for the assault case. However, it is being said that the girl who was making the video of this whole incident was also charged and discharges are going to base on that particular person who was beaten. Maya was a high school student and she was assaulted by many girls because of a boy according to the investigation her mother

Who Beat Maya Tremillo? Suspect Name

Said that they asked him to write back his sneakers but however she was approaching her best friend’s vehicle and then she attend to the girl from behind. This news has shaken everyone because your best friend is the only one in school or an outside your house whom you can believe enters blindly but this case has closed twisted everyone’s mind because they were beating her so badly and a sorted her and people are getting angry and are commenting on that particular video which got virally on the social media platform


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