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Yuan Hua Liang Texas Women Shot Killed By Husband Check Reasons And Details

In Texas, the USA has witnessed a weird incident of killing as a husband has allegedly murdered his spouse with a gunshot for a life insurance coverage coverage. In accordance with a prosecutor, the accused husband shot his spouse on her head with a gun after two days of singing insurance coverage police by his spouse worthed 250,000 {dollars}. Nonetheless; the husband is saying that he acquired a textual content from his spouse proper earlier than her homicide relating to the presence of a stranger of their home who was disturbing her. He rushed dwelling and located his spouse to be lifeless. The identify of the accused husband has been recognized as “Christopher Collins.” He killed his spouse “Yuanhua Liang” on November 18, 2021.

Yuanhua Liang, aged 46 years, at gym premises by her husband Christopher Collins,

Furthermore; the case has been registered in a close-by police station. The medical experts of the lifeless physique of Yuanhua Liang have revealed that the physique has no different harm besides a gunshot harm on her brow. The age of Yuanhua Liang is being described as 46-yer-old. Alternatively, the age of the accused, Christopher Collins, is being described as 41 years. The case is shifting within the favour of the general public prosecutor as all of the proves are towards Christopher Collins. Because of this, the discharge of the accused husband is seeming to be troublesome from the police detention.

Yuan Hua Liang Texas Girls Shot

The Texas police have reported the homicide of Yuanhua Liang, aged 46 years, at health club premises by her husband Christopher Collins, aged 41 years. The accused husband has been arrested by the Texas police on the day of the homicide, that’s, 18th November 2021. He’s stating that his spouse had knowledgeable him that she a stranger was disturbing her within the health club. Because of this, he approached the health club very quickly. Nonetheless; the police have discovered one thing fishy in regards to the husband within the CCTV footage of the health club. The police seen that the accused had visited the health club and moved right here and there for 45 minutes and labored out solely 5 minutes earlier than going to the cafe of the health club and calling the police.

Through the investigation, the police have discovered the sufferer’s beauty bag and pockets within the accused’s health club locker. The police have additionally searched that the deceased spouse signed a life insurance coverage coverage value 250,000 {dollars} two days earlier than her demise. The police is suspecting the accused husband of killing his spouse below the nice of life insurance coverage declare of 250’000 {dollars}.


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